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Tony Hawk’s Twitter is an Existential Nightmare

Tony Hawk, massively successful skateboarder and video game title holder (Except that last one. We don’t talk about that one) is a very special kind of famous. See, everyone knows his name, you practically couldn’t escape it in the early 2000’s when those video games were at peak popularity. The social impact had people actually going outside to learn of […]

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Walking Hard: The parody nobody learned from

Rocketman, the Elton John biopic came out at the beginning of the month, and it seems to be doing well. Grossing $131 million dollar worldwide against a $40 million dollar budget, it looks like the music biopic of the talented Elton John is another hit. That’s impressive when you consider the fact that it’s a movie we’ve all seen before. […]

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Devolver Digital is Insane and I love it

Another year, another E3. The time where game developers show their “totally real” and “not at all CGI trailer” of their upcoming projects. All the big name companies were there, offering a glimpse at “the future of video gaming content” and presenting some “World Premier” content (i swear if I have to hear that from another presentation, I might just […]

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Laughing and Crying: Learning about Schadenfreude

Gather round everybody, cause I’m about to teach you all a new word (unless you’re German, in which case guten tag). The word we’re going to be learning about today is Schadenfreude (pronounced shaa·duhn·froy·duh) and, in German it means “pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune.” Now, it’s important to note that this is different from Sadism, because while […]

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They’re changing the movie Sonic’s design, and frankly I’m disappointed

Like many of you, when I saw the trailer for the Sonic movie, I reacted with a mixture of fear, confusion, and sheer, nightmare inducing horror. The human teeth, the weird body hair, the fact that “Gangsta’s Paradise” was the music they used. Everything they chose to do with this trailer seemed to be poised for and absolute train wreck of a movie. Hell, this was practically foreshadowed months ago with every teaser they released, showing more and more of the horror that was to come. So naturally, when the trailer came out, the internet’s reaction was loud, horrified, and memed into oblivion. Additionally, there were a lot of artist in the comments offering up redesigns, right next to the […]

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The Typing Begins

Welcome to EndlessMonkey.com, where we attempt to prove the theory than and endless number of monkeys with an endless number of typewriters will eventually produce Shakespeare. Here, we’ll write about anything that amuses us. TV/Movies, Video Games, Sports and anything else in between. It’s all here, and damn it if we won’t accidentally stumble into greatness. Posted by Austin Hamblen, […]