This week, in the year of our lord and savior Nicolas Cage 2019, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate has become the highest selling fighting game of all time, finally beating out the longtime holder of that spot, the legendary Street Fighter 2. Finally passing what could arguably considered the first real fighting games as we know it, the game’s success is well earned, stuffing in more content than almost any other fighting game before it, every character that has even been featured in the game (Guest Character or not), and DLC fighters that crossover from almost any game genre. The most recent addition is Terry Bogard, the SNK poster-boy, and an absolute classic fighting game representative. The character actually has a big history his Sakurai himself, as the King of Fighters, the game Terry comes from, was one of the games that helped influence the design of Smash Brothers.

“In the arcades, when I was younger, there was a game called King of Fighters 95, and I thought I was pretty good. I had a 50-strong win streak on Street Fighter 2 around that time. So I was playing King of Fighters once – and the way arcades are set up in Japan, you can’t really see the person you’re playing against, because you’re on opposite sides of the cabinet. I was feeling pleased with myself because I was winning, and it turned out to be a total beginner with their partner, just trying to have fun, and I thought, ‘Oh no, I shouldn’t have beaten them so badly. Now they’re going to feel like they never want to play it again!’ It’s important to think about the beginner crowd.” Source

Masahiro Sakurai. Crushing noobs in front of their girlfriends back when gamers didn’t have girlfriends, according to stereotypes

So, since this character has a lot of history, not only for fighting games in general, but also for the games creator, you can expect a lot of love and care to be put into him. Like, Ken and Ryu, he’s got command inputs from his original game that do more damage than the shorthand versions, voice lines and attacks lifted directly from specific titles in the series, a stage that pays tribute to all of the games and series he comes from (except you Mai, gotta keep the boobs out of kids faces apparently), and 50 tracks from pretty much every SNK game ever made.

Seriously, I don’t get what the kids can’t handle here

The DLC is practically exploding with love and reverence for everything SNK, and if you knew nothing else about the game, you’d think that this character in particular meant something personal to the team over in Japan making Smash. But here’s the thing, Terry is the 4th DLC character in this game, and literally everyone guest character before him has been given just as much attention as a classic fighting game character. And that, that love and care that goes into these guest characters, is exactly one of the big reasons why so many people love this series. This is a series all about representation, and if a character gets announced. you know they will be done proud when they finally get put into the game, because they understand why people love that series, and what people want to see from them.

Some more than others, no bias here from Sakurai though

Joker (the persona one, not the other one) has his stage change based on the music playing, his persona (pretty much a Jo Jo stand for anybody, like myself, that isn’t too into persona) amps up all his moves, pretty much exactly like in his games.

His final smash is pretty much just a cut scene from his game

The Hero from the Dragon Quest games has different skins, all from the different Dragon Quest games, and has a mana bar, which he can use mid combat to bring up a spell list and cast one of four different options at a time.

All of those guys are playable. Also, pretty much Dragonball Characters

Banjo & Kazooie has different kinds of eggs, golden feathers that can power him up and make him momentarily invincible, hits people with Kazooie, and his stage, Spiral mountain, actually rotates like you’re climbing the mountain in the game.

This is in a Smash Brothers game. That sound you hear are people looking for another Banjo game crying

This doesn’t just extend to just the DLC characters either. You can tell that this is a series that absolutely loves every character it has access to, and that that each character is more than just a roster spot, it’s a celebration of video games as a whole. From Incineroar doing poses after landing every hit, Snake having pretty much every explosive every and his box, to the Belmonts having their own special fight against Dracula in their classic campaign mode. Every character has their history represented and their personality portrayed with such reverence, that you can’t help but feel that this games loves them as much you then fans do.

Literally everyone is here, and you are all loved equally

There are a lot of factors that contribute to a video game’s success, especially when it comes to something like Smash Bros. It could be the game play, something that’s easy to understand, easy to pick up and know what you’re doing, but hard to master. It could be the presentation, a colorful ballet without being too overwhelming but still being able to bring out each character’s personality for every which genre that come from. It could be the recognizable characters that draw you in, because you know that character, like that character, and want to play that character. Hell, it could be all of those things. But for me, the thing I see that is their number one priority, and the thing that led Super Smash Brothers Ultimate to being the number one selling fighting game of all time, is doing these characters justice in their game. Giving them the love and respect that any fan would wants, because while you may love that characters they’re putting in the game, nobody loves being able to do them justice more than Masahiro Sakurai himself.

Try me

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