San Diego Comic-con is this weekend, and while that used to mean a celebration of all things comic book, now a days it pretty much means ad space for everything pop culture. So far we’ve seen trailers for Top Gun: Maverick, the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, the Cats movie (Click at your own risk), and the Netflix Witcher series. One of the few actual comic book related trailers was from the HBO Watchmen series, and I am all kinds of surprised at what we’re getting, which is a full blown sequel to the events of the original series. (Note: Marvel did put out a bunch of plans for their phase 4, but no actual trailer, so my statement stands)

Love it or hate it, the 2009 Zack Snyder Watchmen movie did a hell of a job bringing the world of the Alan Moore to life with his particular brand of style. Riding high off the success of 300, Watchmen was full of his slow motion style, crazy color schemes, and using almost direct frames from the comic that inspired it as scenes in the movie. I suppose that’s really the only way you can make a movie Watchmen, a graphic novel series that is a celebration of everything unique about the format of comic books, as well as being a deconstruction of the superhero genre itself. So once the story is done, HBO has decided to pick up where the story left off, and now we’re going to be getting a series dealing with the aftermath of that story.

You know, moments like this

I’m not gonna lie, I figured the HBO series was going to do one of two things. I thought it was either going to do a retelling of the original story in TV episode format, which would allow them to go into more detail the way the comic did, or go the way DC Comics went when they decided to keep using the property: a prequel called Before Watchmen. What I didn’t expect was them to go out and explore the world shattering consequences of the end of the series, so I’m pretty excited to see where they take it. Plus, you get to see a cult of knock-off Rorschachs, which makes sense since he was the guy who refused to compromise at the end and (spoilers) dies for it.

Look, movie masks are expensive guys

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