Tony Hawk, massively successful skateboarder and video game title holder (Except that last one. We don’t talk about that one) is a very special kind of famous. See, everyone knows his name, you practically couldn’t escape it in the early 2000’s when those video games were at peak popularity. The social impact had people actually going outside to learn of to skate in response to their popularity. The problem though is nobody seems to know what he looks like, a fact that Tony himself likes to document his daily occurrence with on his twitter, which sounds like an actual nightmare.

He probably got the message
Close, but no cigar

This is a special kind of famous that I’m not sure is a good or bad thing. It’s how I imagine being C or D list famous is. Or being that person that’s in movies that you know, because you’ve seen them before, but you don’t know their name. Being that person everyone knows, but also the one nobody knows.

I think he’ll take it
Later he’s gonna be tweeting too

His timeline is full of encounters like this, which would personally make me question a lot about my life. Being the person people know (and seriously, who doesn’t know who Tony Hawk is?) but not enough to really know it’s him you’re talking to at that very moment seems like some kind of cure a gypsy would put on someone in ancient folklore for somebody being too vain (Not that you are Mr. Hawk, though you name is pretty much everywhere skateboarding related).

You would figure not having red hair would give this one away
This one just hurts

Tony Hawk has accomplished a lot in his life. He was the first man ever to do a 900 on a skateboard, a feat I knew about before I even knew how significant that actually was. His Pro Skater series has sold millions of copies and kicked off that big skater culture boom that pretty much defined a huge part of the early 2000’s, which some might argue it’s a good thing, but I digress. He’s got the name recognition that people trying to be famous dream about, but nobody seems to know what he looks like, which I’m sure the irony of that hasn’t escaped him.

I actually wonder how often this happens
What was your plan here buddy?

Luckily, he seems to be taking it in stride and not letting it bother him like it’d most likely bother me. And honestly, that seems to be the only thing you can do with that kind of situation. Because what’s the point of being famous if you can’t have a little fun, and maybe make someone’s day along the way?

Keep that man close
Wholesome AF

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